Start the Finance Process Online at Genesis of Danbury

As you discover all the standout features onboard each new Genesis vehicle here in our Danbury showroom serving those in Waterbury and Fairfield and learn more about each one either by browsing our collection online or talking to our experienced team and getting a hands-on feel for each model, you can get a head start on financing. When you utilize our online finance application, you can apply for credit online, and save time as we do our best to get you behind the wheel of a standout Genesis car.

Use Our Application to Get Luxury Car Lease or Loan Options

Not only are you saving time using our secure form submission and helping save a tree by doing it all digitally, but you're also able to give yourself a clearer idea of which Genesis vehicles you can choose from when making your decision on buying or leasing a new luxury vehicle. The form is sent to our finance specialists who can then run the information through our vast network of lenders and finance institutions both local and national to find you rates that make sense. We'll also run that information and work with your preferred bank or credit union as well to help streamline the process with them all at the dealership so you don't have to shuttle back and forth between the two.

Our form requires basic contact information as well as finance information that's needed to ensure you can get the most terms for your decision, and accurately reflects what a payment plan would look like when you decide to buy or lease one of our exciting luxury vehicles here in our new Genesis showroom serving New Milford, Carmel and Mount Kisco. If you're ready to get started fill out the form and it will be sent to us and we can begin the process and help you save time while car shopping at Genesis of Danbury.