Genesis of Danbury Presents "Accelerate My Deal"

Our Digital Retailing Tool Gives Danbury Drivers Chance to Streamline Genesis Buying Process

Here at Genesis of Danbury, our goal is to provide you with a modern car shopping and buying experience. You can find that in our showroom through traditional means, but as the world moves toward digital platforms, so does our dealership in many ways. That's why we offer you many digital retailing tools. This allows you to complete much if not all of your car buying online, so you can have added convenience right from the comforts of your home.

We make sure you have all the right tools and can ease you through the process as every step is simple and user friendly. Of course, our team is available and will walk you through the process every step of the way as we're committed to providing you with a high level of customer satisfaction. You can begin the process of exploring the standout luxury offered on all our Genesis vehicles today without having to come to our dealership in Danbury.

1. Browse New and Used Genesis Vehicles

The first step is to take a closer look at our current options. We have a full selection of new Genesis vehicles which includes the likes of the Genesis G70, Genesis G80 and Genesis G90 sedans that provide you with a full range of luxury, plus the Genesis GV80 for those seeking a luxury SUV. You'll find the standout technology, performance and features are all listed for each individual model and you can decide which model is right for you. The same can be said about our collection of used Genesis options as well, which gives you standout attributes plus the added benefit of savings.

2. Choose Your Lease or Loan Terms

Once you've decided on the right vehicle and want to move forward, you can use our tools that let you get a better idea for your auto payment either via lease or financing with an auto loan. We offer you the ability to customize payments, calculate your down payment, get a credit score estimate, as well as picking the right term length for your lease or loan, and the interest rate. All this will provide you with a realistic idea of costs, and puts you on the way toward getting standout financing for a new Genesis.

3. Value Your Trade-In

If you have a vehicle you'd like to use as a trade-in to apply toward the purchase of a new Genesis or a quality luxury car, you can easily get its estimated value via an online appraisal using "Accelerate My Deal." When you supply the necessary information, you'll be given and estimate and a cost that can be applied toward your final purchase so you save.

4. Schedule a Test Drive

To get a hands-on feel, you can schedule a test drive of any new Genesis or used option we have here so you know for sure it's the right choice for you. We make it simple to arrange, as we can set up a time at the dealership, or come by your location if you're in our service area and let you take the vehicle out for a ride in Danbury along with Fairfield and Waterbury.

5. Submit Your Credit Application

When you're satisfied with the vehicle and wish to finalize the process, we start by getting your credit application to ensure you can get the right financing. By doing this online, you save plenty of time as it allows our finance team to go to work and find lenders on your behalf. If you're pre-approved by your finance institution, it also gives us time to square everything away for a quick and convenient process.

6. Finalize Your Genesis Purchase or Lease

When all the previous steps are completed, you'll be able to get the keys to your next Genesis vehicle. We can set up a time for you to come pick it up at the dealership, while we also offer home delivery in areas like Mount Kisco, New Milford and Carmel, NY.

"Accelerate My Deal" makes the process of buying a car online simple, and here at Genesis of Danbury, we can help you achieve it. Contact us today if you have any questions, and we can get started on the process soon.

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