The Danbury area is given a wide range of options when it comes to finding your next luxury vehicle. There's so much to consider from style, performance, features and of course your enjoyment behind the wheel. Here at Genesis of Danbury, you're going to be able to view a top lineup of luxury vehicles that provides innovative and standout options, making our lineup something unique, different, and that stands out against other rivals. In our showroom you can see our Genesis lineup in greater detail and provide an answer to the question: which luxury vehicle is right for you?

Standout Features Across the Genesis Vehicle Lineup

With Genesis, the vehicles you will find offer you plenty of different options as both the Genesis G80 and G90 give you fully capable luxury sedans that cover all your bases. Starting with the Genesis G80, you're going to find plenty of power with its 3.8-liter GDI V6 engine that produces 311-horsepower standard. There's also two additional engine options: a 3.3-liter turbocharged V6 with 365 horsepower which is standard on the G80 Sport models, plus there is a 420-horsepower GDI V8 option to top out the power. Inside, you're also going to find a host of premium amenities from different finishes, from leather options, to a spacious cabin that has many comforts to give you total relaxation along with its driving thrills.

The same can be said about the Genesis G90. It's a larger sedan, and provides a 3.3-liter turbocharged engine standard, along with the 420-horsepower GDI V8, so this flagship sedan provides you with the big power you'd expect. You're also going to find the highest levels of luxury, including a 12.3-inch HD display and a 17-speaker Lexicon® Premium Sound System, along with Qi wireless smartphone charging and more.

Additionally, all new Genesis vehicles come with available HTRAC all-wheel drive, along with a hands-free smart trunk, rearview camera, head-up display, blind spot warning, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, forward collision assist, driver memory system, noise dampening technology, pedestrian detection, driver attention alert and more so you're covered with safety and convenience. You're also going to find connection thanks to standard Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ for seamless integration of your smartphone to access your favorite apps on the go.

Plus, you're getting the benefit of a standout warranty for luxury vehicles with a 10-year/100,000-mile Powertrain Limited Warranty, which adds another attractive feature to the Genesis brand.

Genesis Takes On Other Luxury Brands

As you discover all your vehicle options in the car buying process, you will see that you do have choices among different brands. We certainly understand that at Genesis of Danbury, and encourage you to explore what is out there. We actually will even help you as we can demonstrate with competitive analysis that the Genesis vehicle lineup compares favorably and has lots of different advantages over the likes of Acura, Audi, BMI, Infiniti and Lexus. This is what helps our lineup stand out, and knowing these advantages helps you make the smart and informed choice.

Genesis vs. Acura

The Acura lineup boasts two vehicles that are similar to the Genesis G80 and G90: the Acura TLX and RLX, respectively.

Starting with the Genesis G80 against the Acura TLX, right away when looking at the specifications, you'll find the G80 offers more horsepower, a bigger engine block, and provides lower fuel costs as the G80 can be fueled by regular unleaded gasoline while the TLX requires the more expensive premium gasoline. Along with that, the Genesis G80 is available as a rear-wheel drive model, plus all-wheel drive to increase its luxury and sports car dynamic, while the TLX provides front- and all-wheel drive only. There's also better warranty coverage, interior space, and standout safety and connectivity such as Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™ standard that the TLX might not provide standard.

In terms of the Genesis G90 against the Acura RLX, once more you'll see the Genesis vehicle has more power with its 365-horsepower turbocharged V6 compared to the RLX's 310 horsepower. Additionally, there's a 420-horsepower V8 on the G90. There's also a longer warranty, plus a standard second row side airbag which the RLX doesn't have, and other standard features on the G90 such as memory-adjustable mirrors and steering column, a memory front seat, rear power sunshade, and more space onboard the G90 over the RLX.


Genesis vs. Audi

When comparing the Genesis luxury sedan lineup with Audi, you'll find two models are most closely related. The G80 and the Audi A6, and the G90 and the Audi A8. Genesis continues to provide unique features and in multiple facets, it betters Audi models.

The Genesis G80 is able to provide more standard horsepower with all its engine options, as it has a standard 311-horsepower V6, along with a turbocharged V6 and V8 option, while the Audi A6 has a 252-horsepower four-cylinder option standard. Saving at the pump even with a bigger engine block is also an advantage to Genesis as the G80 uses regular unleaded gasoline, while the Audi A6 takes premium. There's also a standard navigation system, second-row side airbag, better warranty coverage, a longer wheelbase and lower starting price with the Genesis G80, giving it more advantages over the Audi A6.

With the Genesis G90, you'll find that it has advantages over the Audi A8, boasting more standard horsepower, plus rear- and all-wheel drive options while the Audi A8 only offers all-wheel drive. There's also the standout warranty coverage, and a lower starting price where you will get many of the same, and even more features that aren't offered on the Audi A8 that you will on the Genesis G90 to provide you with the luxury car driving experience you want.


Genesis vs. BMW

The Genesis and BMW brands offer two similar options. The BMW 5 Series compares to the G80, while the BMW 7 Series is like the G90 in many respects. What you're going to find is that the Genesis lineup can match the BMW lineup in multiple ways to give you the high levels of satisfaction.

With the Genesis G80 against the BMW 5 Series, you'll find better standard horsepower and engine options, along with fuel savings as the G80 provides a more powerful engine, and uses unleaded over premium gasoline. There's also second-row side airbags, a 9/2-inch touch display and wireless charging that the BMW 5 Series might not have available.

As for the G90, it provides you with more power, safety, a bigger display and sound system plus a better warranty and is $20,000 less than top BMW 7 Series models while you get many of the same features.


Genesis vs. Infiniti

For the Genesis against Infiniti brand vehicles, you're going to find that the G80 and Q60 are in the same segment, while the G90 and Q70L are similar in segment as well. Both Genesis vehicles however have plenty of advantages.

The Genesis G80 provides you with more power by over 100 horsepower standard on its engine, plus there's a V8 option, standalone navigation standard, and the likes of memory adjustable seating, mirrors and steering wheels, along with more legroom, headroom, shoulder room and cargo space than what you'll find on the Infiniti Q60.

As for the G90 against the Infiniti Q70L, it provides a smooth ride on an eight-speed transmission, a 12.3-inch touch display standard, plus a standard second-row airbag and many other features including different leather seating, power lumbar support, and more overall passenger and cargo room, plus more power and warranty coverage over the Q70L.


Genesis vs. Lexus

Genesis and Lexus vehicles provide many luxury features, that is for sure, but the Genesis benefits certainly give it lots of advantages.

The Genesis G80 compares against the Lexus GS, and what you'll find is that the G80 provides more power, more V6 and V8 engine options, uses unleaded gasoline on V6 models, has a host of different features not found on the Lexus GS, and more cargo, legroom, and warranty coverage available.

The Genesis G90 goes up against the Lexus LS, and provides better overall city fuel economy, larger wheels, greater turning power, and has a bigger 12.3-inch display, plus a standout warranty and more front and rear legroom than the Lexus LS, and the G90 starts at a lower price.