People who are looking to buy or lease a new luxury vehicle in Danbury certainly have come across Genesis. As a relative newcomer to the luxury vehicle space, Genesis has made a quick impression in a short amount of time. For many who are having their first experience learning more about the brand, they want to know: who makes Genesis cars? We're here to answer that for you, and demonstrate why the brand is a must-see if you're looking to find a new luxury vehicle in the Fairfield and Waterbury areas.

The Hyundai Motor Company is responsible for the Genesis luxury brand of vehicles. In 2015, the automaker announced it would spin off its production of two previous luxury vehicles in the Hyundai lineup to its own unique brand with its own unique style and design. We got to see it in 2017 as the debut the Genesis G90 came about, making waves with positive reviews and people lauding its innovation and performance. At the same time the Genesis G80 also came around. Prior to being named the G80 and G90, these cars were known as the Hyundai Genesis and Hyundai Equus respectively. Even then, people knew you were getting a high level of vehicle, but now that's more apparent under the Genesis name, as anyone who stops in and see the vehicles up close in our showroom will see.

Not only were the Genesis G80 and Genesis G90 a hit upon their arrivals, but soon after the new Genesis G70 was announced, which provides a standout entry luxury sedan to the mid-size option of the G80 and the full-size flagship of the G90. All these cars provide standout performance, offering more power and potent and efficient powertrains that beat top European brands. They've also been among the first to provide seamless and standout integration leading the way with Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay® onboard, plus plenty of active safety features designed to give you peace of mind and convenience every time you get behind the wheel.

With a Genesis, you're going to look good and feel good driving one. That's because when the brand launched it hired some of the most innovative veteran designers who have worked on high luxury brands like Bentley and Bugatti to inspire the current Genesis lineup. You'll notice it and others will too as you ride in style both inside and out through New Milford, Mount Kisco and Carmel, NY. There's also plenty of power as you're going to find standard V6 and V8 engines on the likes of a Genesis G80 and G90, while the G70 offers a powerful turbocharged four-cylinder option.

Not only that, but the Genesis brand continues to grow. There's soon going to be the first luxury SUV in the form of the Genesis GV80, and that should attract a whole new crowd of people to the South Korean luxury car brand that's making waves here in Danbury. If you're ready to get started, our team would be happy to provide you with all the details you need and can discuss the Genesis lineup with you in greater detail. Contact us today and we can set up a time to meet and go over all our current vehicle options with you.

If you have any other questions about the Genesis brand and what to expect, you can also reach out to us and we'd be happy to answer them for you so you can see why a Genesis is your next choice for your next luxury vehicle!

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